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Shading - Ventilation - Mosquito nets

Maximum width : 9.00m

Maximum height: 3.20m

Alport presents you the new shades for large frames with high resistance to high wind pressures .

These windproof Blinds withstand bad weather and high wind pressures up to 115 Km / h when closed. They can operate in winds of up to 60-75km / h.

It is the perfect solution for the new type of minimal design frames, which reach very large dimensions. Due to the uniqueness of our country with more than 80% of the days being sunny, they are ideal for regulating the temperature of the rooms, protecting the furniture and floors from direct contact with the sun.

They are placed outside the energy window, interrupting the Uv radiation of the sun and greatly increasing the energy efficiency of the glasses.


They offer privacy by giving owners the right to leave large openings open and protect them from annoying and often harmful insects.


They prevent dust and leaves from penetrating inside the house, allowing the window to "breathe" from their 5% perforated special cloth. Since they refer to large frames, 5% is enough to ventilate the space and at the same time achieve the consistency of the sail so that it is resistant to these large dimensions.

μεγάλη σίτα , σίτα για μεγάλα κουφώματα, σίτα για μεγάλες μπαλκονόπορτες, σίτα για μεγάλα ανοίγματα, σίτεςμεγάλης διάστασης

These shades, blinds, can cover dimensions up to 6 meters single without columns and obstacles, enhancing the grace of large frames without creating aesthetic or functional problems. They are electric and are powered by local or group switches of home automation systems.


A special Zip system holds the sieve or cloth in the specially designed PVC guide. The driver has posters made of foam material to absorb the high forces exerted by the air and protect the screen or cloth from tearing during oscillations.



An aesthetically pleasing aluminum bar houses the bottom of the tire for sealing with the floor. Its high weight helps keep the screen or cloth stretched without erasing bad aspects when closed.


Pani or sita are housed in aluminum boxes that can be painted in any color.

The sails are offered in a wide range of color options to contribute to the aesthetic effect of the house and to be integrated with the space and the architectural requirements.


Many times the color of the sails has actively contributed to the architecture of the building, especially in modern complexes or houses.

μεγάλη σίτα , σίτα για μεγάλα κουφώματα, σίτα για μεγάλες μπαλκονόπορτες, σίτα για μεγάλα ανοίγματα, σίτες μεγάλης διάστασης


Alport, with its ability to offer the construction study and create the infrastructure for the installation of these systems, can integrate them with the new or existing constructions, while maintaining the aesthetics of the space and solving future support problems.

Alport Blind Screen 37
Alport Blind Screen 34
Alport Blind Screen 30
Alport Blind Screen 32
Alport Blind Screen 36
Alport Blind Screen 31
Alport Blind Screen 35
Alport Blind Screen 33
Ηλεκτρική σίτα για μεγάλες διαστάσει
Ηλεκτρικό blind για μεγάλη διάσταση
Alport blinds 02.jpg
Alport blinds 04.jpg
Alport blinds 03.jpg
Alport blinds 01.jpg



  • Minimal dimensions in the context of aluminum retention and rolling guides for greater transparency in the space.

  • They stand out for their ability to cover large sizes up to 20m² in one opening.

  • Maximum width: 6.00m.

  • Maximum height: 6.00m.

  • Possibility of ventilation in the sail or selection of a full sailing cloth or selection of a screen.

  • Ability to color the sail.

  • Electric motors.

  • Ability to automate grouping operation.

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