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The company produces, manufactures and sells unique ALPORT aluminum rolling shutters profiles. Operating since 1979 with headquarters in Iraklio Attikis, is considered pioneering in the field of security due to the special construction of the profiles, and adherence to follow strict quality standards in all fields.


 Since 2000 provides its customers a wide range of products from European houses as regards the aluminium frames (Technal, Wicona, Schucco) as well as residential automation system based on the Instabus EIB.


At 2008 expands further by introducing minimal aluminium systems, the leading edge of technology in Europe which combine, unlimited transparency in space (with the minimum dimensions of aluminum frames) with unimaginably high thermal insulation properties (< Ug 0.5 W/m² K and Uw < 0.78 W/m² k), while meeting the modern architectural peculiarities for wide openings along with energy saving requirements.



Aiming at the maximum satisfaction of customer needs for each project, we complete a specialized and detailed planning which starts with recording the specificities of the construction area, while considering different requirements in safety, aesthetics, energy efficiency and functionality of rolling shutters and aluminium systems.


A superior quality of materials in accordance with a wide range of aesthetic and chromatic options, are able to solve any building and architectural requirements.


With respect to the customer, consistency, friendliness & technical expertise ALPORT  is leading developments in the area and constantly upgrades its services to achieve one of the its main objectives, the excellent relationship and satisfaction of   old and new customers.

Dimitris  A. Batsos
Managing Director

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