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Automated horizontal shading ...

 Alport presents you the new shades that are integrated in the exterior design of the building and offer coverage from the sun and the weather conditions.


  • Integration in existing external constructions (wood, aluminum and iron) coverage up to 30 m².

  • Resistant to weather conditions with resistance up to 120km / h.

  • Special stretching system to hold the screen in a horizontal position in any position without wrinkles .

  • Built-in drainage from the screen to the horizontal aluminum bar and to the side guide.

  • With or without spacers.

  • No corrosion - it consists of aluminum available with a frame in anodizing color but also in the desired RAL  electrostatic paint.

  • Electric drive - 220V motor and possibility of grouping through automation.

  • Electrical and mechanical safety in the horizontal bar.

  • Motion from top to bottom or vice versa.

  • Its special construction guarantees its durability in operation.

  • Excellent build quality.


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