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New  sliding shades for large dimensions ...

Suitable for outdoor use ...

Up to 8 meters width !!

Sliding Blind for large dimension minimal frames suitable for corner solutions....

An innovative product that comes additionally with minimal frames - Concealed  on the ceiling and floor.

  • Resistant to high wind pressure WK3 (wind class)

  • Maximum length 8 meters (Double installation right-left)

  • Maximum length 4 meters (Single)

  • Maximum Height 3 meters

  • 90 ° angle without column

  • Fully built in  construction without visible components.

  • Water drainage (Built-in floor)

  • Large dimensions

  • Motorized

  • Stops Uv radiation.

  • Ideal for regulating room temperature, protecting furniture and floors from direct contact with the sun.

  • Privacy

  • Protection against harmful insects

  • Protect from dust and leaves to enjoy open space leaving

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