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Minimal Sliding Windows, Aluminum Rolling shutters, Home Automation, Blinds, Mosquito screens

Experience open-space living...

Minimal systems
  • Only 20mm face profile. Unobstructed Views.

  • Minimal aluminum frames for large dimensions. Leaves surfaces up to 12m² and a maximum height of 5.0m .

  • High  thermal insulation , depending on the selected glass they can reach very high coefficients Uw = 0.80 W / m²k.

  • Easy sliding for large leafs

minimal aluminium 0.jpg
  • Automated mosquito screens - Blinds for large openings  up to 6.00m in length and 6.00m in height / maximum surface dimension of 18m² .

  • Windclass WK3

  • Guaranteed wind pressure durability up to 115 km / h .

  • Zip system holds fabric within the guides firmly and wrinkle free under any conditions.

2141 (9).jpg
  • Automated sliding screens - Blinds for large openings up to 8.00m long and 3.00m high and maximum surface dimension of 20m² .

  • Windclass WK3

  • Guaranteed wind pressure durability up to 85 km / h .

  • Fully concealed and built in construction.

  • Automated aluminium shutters for large openings  up to 6.50m long and 3.00m high and maximum surface  18m² .

  • Special constructed thermal-break boxes with high  thermal and sound insulation.

  • Variety of aluminum profiles to meet every need.

Copy of Alport NP-KAP  (2).jpg
Corner Blind solutions
  • Corner blinds - 90°. Supports large openings.

  • Motorized

  • The special connection of screens with no need of supporting column offers panoramic views.

  • Fully concealed / built in construction.

  • Sliding Corner blinds - 90° . Screens for large openings.

  • Resistant to high wind pressure WK3 (wind class)

  • Electrically operated.

  • Fully concealed built into construction.

  • Concealed water drainage (Built-in floor) ...


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Study and application of Minimal EXP Frames

Project in Skiathos by the architectural firm PITSOU KEDEM.





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