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Residence in Zakynthos  ...

Architect designed a house that provides the maximum possible view of the sea and the surrounding area.


In the central area of the house dominates the total width of 20 meters and a height of 3.25 m glass made with the minimal system Os 2 (thin face and cross section).

A large "Π" which consists of two opening corners and the front of 12.60 meters. The two leaves in the left corner slide into the side wall and in combination with the opening of the six sheets of the facade (right to the side of the fireplace) release an opening of a total of 13 meters and integrate the exterior with the interior, creating a single whole with the natural habitat.

The construction was carried out with the OS 2 system with thermal break profiles and securit energy glass 8mm inside and 8mm outside / argon gas . The leaf weight ranged from 280 - 360 Kg . The solution of multiple guides and six leaves was chosen to maximize the opening of the facade.



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