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Advantages - Functionality ...

  • Weather protection. The roller guides have a special sealing brush along their entire length, which prevents the metals from coming into contact with each other, achieving the smoother operation of the rollers as well as airtightness. The lower floor (last leaflet) has a special rubber for waterproofing.

  • Ideal setting of room temperature as well as sound insulation from external noise sources.

  • Minimal maintenance costs.

  • Reduction of air conditioning and heating costs.


ALPORT aluminum safety shutters operate via:


  • Manual systems.

  • Electric motors.

  • Electric motors with manual support, in case of power failure.


Also supported by:


  • Telecommunication systems with security codes, and group or independent commands.

  • BUS automation systems, groupings, programming of movements and commands via PLC.

  • Command protection and control systems: timers, anemometers, photometers, photocells, etc. for special constructions.


By using aluminum safety rolls, over the years you will appreciate the many benefits they offer:



  • They are made to be combined with most types of doors and windows.

  • Unlimited installation capabilities in any space.

  • As it is the only shutter that works internally, it offers discretion in operation & extra security to the user.

  • Silent mode.

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