Utilizing aluminum rolling  shutters, over the years you will appreciate the many benefits that they offer:


  • Built to combine with most types of doors & windows.

  • produced in large dimensions.

  • Unlimited installation options for any project.

  • Operation internally, provides discretion & additional security to the user.

  • Quiet operation .

  • Weather protection.

  • The quides are equiped with  brush seal, which prevents contact of metals, achieving a smoother operation  and airtightness of the rolling shutter.

  • The sill  has a special rubber for waterproofing.

  • Ideal space temperature control.

  • Sound insulation from external noise.

  • Minimum maintenance costs.

  • Reduction of air conditioning and heating costs.


 ALPORT aluminum security rolling shutters operate through:

  •  manual operation systems.

  • Electrical motors.

  • Electric motors with support of manual operation in case of of power outage.


Also supported by:


  • Remote control systems. Group or individual control.

  • BUS automation, programming commands via PLC.

  • Controled from sensors :  anemometers, photometers, photocells etc. for special constructions.

Advantages - Functionality...


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