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Alport responding to the most innovating trends into the global aluminium frames market is proud to present OS Minimal system.  Their modern minimalistic appearance serves inspired architectural designs, satisfying the most demanding requirements in energy efficiency and functionality.


 Up until now, large volume aluminium profiles were used as static element of window doors, so to cover large widths and heights. Today, minimal aluminium systems use tempered/security glasses which with their durability to direct hits, pressures and vibrations, offer the potential to use them as the main structural element of the windows, resulting in almost frameless transparent surfaces.

OS system sliding windows and doors can be easily integrated in exclusive villas, free standing houses, apartments, business complexes aiming at opening interior living spaces with unobstructed views to the outside

Minimal design aluminium


The system offers a variety of system profiles configuration which are serving ideally the clean lines and balanced proportions of the modern contemporary architectural designs.  OS 2 system, with large-scaled double glazed tempered 8mm windows can be fully integrated into floors, walls and ceiling leaving visible only a slim leaf profile facing of 20mm and can reach heights up to 3.5 meters.

Additionally, System OS 3 profiles with triple energy Tempered glasses we can cover glass areas up to 14m² achieving heights up to 4.5 meters. Pivoting doors and fixed elements profiles complete the system for limitless individual solutions in all constructions satisfying designer and client requirements.


Easy operation

Stainless steel high performance tracks and specially designed rollers guarantee an easy manual operation of leafs up to 400 kg weight while you experience a smooth and silent opening. Telescopic like opening variants is also possible for large openings. Alternatively, operation of sliding elements (weight up to 1000kg) via electrically driven motors is available upon request for maximizing user comfort.


The desire for design and exclusivity is more than met by the OS minimal system. The frame slim profiles can be fully integrated into the floor, walls and ceiling unifying indoor and outdoor space leaving it barrier-free without thresholds of aluminium tracks and rollers. Wall pockets, glass corners, can be achieved and by having glaze area covering almost 98% of the windows for unobstructed views.

Video presentation system Os

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  • minimum frame dimensions and only 20mm intermediate profiles for maximum transparency.

  • Maximum surfaces of 14m² and leaf height 4,5m.

  • High energy efficiency -triple glass Ug=0,5 W/m²k and  Uw 0.78 W/m²k.

  • Glass fillings  56 mm.

  • Max leaf weight up to  1.000 kg.

  • Electromagnetic Locks.

  • Electric drives with minimal space requirements.

  • Unlimited track systems for many leafs 4,5,6,etc.

  • Open Corner 90°.

Tempered Glasses

Concealed Floor Rails

Intergrated aluminium frames

stainless steel rollers

High energy efficiency

Large Dimension Openings

Mutliple Floor Rails

Corner Solutions

Facing Width 20mm


Μinimal sliding windows - frameless windows - Roller Shutters - Automation

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