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The "Glass House", home of Philip Johnson, was designed and implemented in 1949 to address 798-856 Ponus Ridge Road in New Canaan, in Connecticut.


The beauty and simplicity of the house ( built with floor-to-ceiling glass walls ) at a time when not even many office buildings had adopted the glass box look. Johnson's only concession to ordinary notions of privacy was a brick cylinder within the house that held a fireplace on one side and a bathroom on the other.

"Open plan" living spaces, common now, were very unusual in 1949. One of the first attempts in which the house integrates with the environment through large glass openings.


Alport specializes in large architectural openings for many years. Pioneer producer in Greece in aluminium rolling shutters, having contributed to the implementation of many architectural projects, has manufacturing and technical expertise needed to resolve technical problems and create impressive openings.

Large glazed units can be specified with confidence using reinforced profiles and special structures in order to withstand wind, high pressures, large weights.

Proper selection of materials from a wide range of products from well-known European brands and study through detailed implementation sections guarantee the final result in terms of functionality, aesthetics and performance.


See below projects on large architectural openings constructed  by Alport.


Automated Minimal Sliding Window

Dimensions  6,00m width * 270m height

   Set the          to  HD  1080p

  • Automated Minimal Sliding Window ...

  • Automated Aluminium rolling shutter profile C1 15 kg/m²...

  • Automated blind screen

  • Shutter Box with therrmal brake -lined with special insulating material                           λW/(m•K) - ENISO 8497 (DIN 52613) = 0,0035 +20C° . 

Frameless Sliding Windows (large dimension facade)  12,60m width * 3.25m height

  • Facade 6 leafs 2,10m * 3.25 m , 6 tracks -left opening corner 4.6m*3.25m - right opening corner 2.60m*3.25m. 

  • leaf weight 300 - 380 kg

  • Glass 8mm energy tempered

  • Uw-value ≤ 1.26

  • Acoustic insulation Rw(Db) = 30db

  • Hiden water drainage

  • Only 2cm intermediate profiles

Aluminium Safety rolling Shutter for large openings Alport dimensions  6.30m Width * 2.85m Height

  • Automated rolling shutter reinforced profile Alport A1 .

  • Thermobrake shutter box .No visible box or fittings. 

  • Rolling Shutter Weight 15-16 kg/m².

  • Blind- not perforated.

  • High resistance to wind loads.

  • Only 40mm quide


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